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Investment or Micro-credit

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This product is geared towards supporting members to meet emergency and school fees needs.

The loan is granted to Muslim faith members and the features are as follows:

Basic Requirement.

  • Granted within member deposits
  • Attracts appraisal fee of 1%.
  • No interest is charged
  • Maximum repayment period is 12 months.
  • Available to Muslim faith  members only.


This product is geared towards supporting  members to meet school fees needs.

Basic Requirement.

  • Granted three(3) times a member's  total ELS savings.
  • Interest rate is 1.06% per month or 12.75 per  annum  on reducing balance.
  • Available to all members.
  • 2.5 % appraisal fee is applicable.
  • Maximum repayment period is 24 months.
  • Must be secured by guarantors and/or collaterals



Jamii SACCO Society was established in April, 1972 with the main objective of promoting thrift among its members by affording them an opportunity for accumulating their savings and thereby create a source of funds from which loans can be made to them exclusively for provident and productive purposes. The SACCO draws its membership from approximately 127 organisations which include both public and private sector.

The SACCO affairs are governed by the Co-operatives Societies Act, SACCO Act, its by-laws and policies and procedures. The Board of Directors are responsible for policy decisions while the Supervisory Committee (SC) ensures provisions of the governing Acts, Society by-laws, policies and procedures are adhered to.

What is new?


Jamii Sacco Society is happy to inform you that we are now implementing Asset Financing. This is aimed at enabling SACCO members to own property for income generating activities.


Jamii Sacco has finally given birth to Jamii Housing Co-operative Society. The purpose of establishing the Society is to: Provide its members with shelter and livelihood within the area of its operation at fair and reasonable price together with auxiliary services as road network, drainage, water and power including facilities for physical and cultural recreation.

Membership Requirements

  • Registration fee – Kshs.2,000/= (once)
  • Minimum share capital – Kshs.20,000/= (non-fundable, but transferable)

Members are encouraged to open and build their deposits in anticipation to purchase plots/ properties once they are available for sale.


Jamii Sacco is in the process of reviewing the current SMP and developing another one to guide the Sacco for the next five (5) years.


We wish to remind you of the departmental mobile numbers as provided in the following table to enable us serve you better and promptly.

 Departments Mobile Numbers
 General Lines  0736-613863/0715-961545
 Marketing Department  0704-914143/0718-006820
 Loans Department  0705-413446/0728-288701
 Registry Department  0704-282099
 IT Department  0704-911087


 Credit Department  0724-688512
 Audit Department  0712-042954
 Risk and Compliance Department  0722-254747
 Accounts Department  0705-435127
 Procurement Department  0714-542164

EMI for a Reducing Balance Loan

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Summary Details

The three (3) months advance is a seasonal product granted to members and is recoverable from the interest rebate/dividend when declared and payed.


  • Available to all SACCO members with FOSA Accounts.
  • A member to complete an application form and attach a copy of National ID card.
  • Processed within 48 hours.

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