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In its endeavor to realize its vision and mission, Jamii SACCO upholds the following core values: Integrity, Professionalism, Customer Focus, Teamwork, Innovation and ICT.

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ICT department

The section performs the following functions:- 

  • ICT Policy & Strategy development and implementation.
  • Provision of hardware & software.
  • ATM card application and linkage.
  • Automation of core services.
  • Loan Recoveries and liaison with government_ based payroll officers.
  • Submit monthly data recoveries to all employers including new loans and new members joining the Sacco.
  • Maintain server functions for email, internet, databases, file storage and administration.
  • Training.
  • Dividend computation and payout.
  • Posting of soft data remittance from the government payroll.
  • Data management services.
  • Technical Support Services.
  • Website design and development.
  • Ensuring accurate and reliable information is produced by the Cooperative.


Marketing &Business Development Department


  • To carry our Market Research and identify the needs of the members.
  • To mobilize savings for the Sacco.
  • To market Sacco’s products and services and membership recruitment.
  • To develop and review the products and services to respond to members and society needs.
  • To develop and implement a marketing strategy and plan.
  • To develop information, education and communication materials for distribution to members and potential customers.
  • To advise the Sacco on the market needs and trends.
  • To carry out customer satisfaction survey.

Registry Department


Audit Department


  • Determining the effectiveness of the internal control structure.
  • Promoting operational efficiencies.
  • Safeguarding assets of the Cooperative.
  • Encouraging compliance with internal policies and procedures as well as external laws and regulations.



  • Appraisal of all loan application forms.
  • Guiding and addressing members on loan options.
  • Verifying the loan application forms to ascertain that all the necessary documentation are attached i.e. original pay slip, copy of ID card and passport photo size for the 1st applicants.
  • Communicating to members on loan status.
  • Consulting with credit committee on loan approvals.
  • Preparing monthly loan reports.

FOSA Department


Finance & Accounts Department


Micro-Credit Department

Credit Department

Credit Department

Procurement Department

Human Resource & Admnistration Department



  • Manpower planning and recruitment by ensuring the process is carried out professionally within the set policies and procedures.
  • Planning for Management of succession planning including mentorship and coaching
  • Overseeing the HR Administration role in the Sacco
  • Interpretation and application/implementation of terms and conditions of service in accordance with the labour laws, policies and staff regulations.
  • Maintaining sound employee/employer relationship.
  • Management of compensation, rewards and benefits
  • Management and implementation of training and development of staff
  • Management of staff Performance Contracts and performance Management
  • Management of staff Sacco welfare
  • Management of Sacco’s assets and security services
  • Management of Registry Section and its records
  • Maintaining safe work environment & safety as per OSHA Protocol.


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